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Volunteer Rights

Volunteers with Bike SA have a right to:

  • Be given accurate information and a clear understanding of Bike SA's expectations
  • Be provided with a clearly understood job description outlining relevant tasks
  • Be assigned work that is worthwhile and challenging
  • Receive support and trust from relevant management team and staff enabling tasks to be performed satisfactorily
  • Participate in planning and organising relevant activity within one's own role
  • Share responsibilities with relevant staff team
  • Safe work practice, insurance cover and personal safety
  • Clearly defined channels of reporting and communication
  • Be able to make choices, negotiate and not over commit nor accept inappropriate tasks
  • Receive appropriate feedback on performance
  • Withdraw from volunteer role
  • Be reimbursed for reasonable out of pocket expenses, on approval by the Chief Executive Officer in a timely manner

Volunteers with Bike SA have responsibilities to:

  • Understand and accept the objectives and policies of Bike SA and represent its interests
  • Make realistic commitments, relating to time and areas of involvement and Bike SA will expect these commitments to be fulfilled
  • Be dependable and give adequate notice if unable to perform tasks as required
  • Promote and practice the organisation's customer service philosophy
  • Respect the rights and privacy of other volunteers and staff in the organisation
  • Co-operate/collaborate with others to ensure tasks are performed to an acceptable standard
  • Behave in an acceptable and appropriate manner in compliance with relevant policies and procedures
  • Own personal welfare and safety and report any hazards
  • Acknowledge, respect and comply with decisions made by staff
  • Be accountable and accept constructive feedback/evaluation
  • Undertake appropriate training as required
  • Be able to address areas of conflict with appropriate staff member as outlined in Conflict resolution Policy/procedure
  • Attend all meetings relevant to the role

Bike SA has the right to:

  • Make a decision as to where the volunteer would be best suited
  • Expect compliance with policies and procedures, ie occupational health, welfare & safety, Anti-discrimination, confidentiality, conflict resolution
  • Expect the same commitment from a volunteer as a staff member, even on a short term basis
  • Expect conscientious acceptance of responsibilities relating to timeliness, reliability and mutual standard of performance
  • Expect volunteers to perform allocated tasks to the best of their ability
  • Expect loyalty to the organisation and constructive criticism
  • Expect from all volunteers, respect and courtesy towards all consumers, partners and other staff/team members
  • Release a volunteer who is not suited to the role

Bike SA has responsibilities to:

  • Provide policies & procedures within which volunteers are able to work
  • Provide clear job descriptions, which will be reviewed annually or as required
  • Appropriately match volunteers to a job that takes advantage of their interests and skills. Jobs may change as their experiences expand and/or interests change
  • Provide orientation for volunteers, particularly to their jobs
  • Provide appropriate training as required and annual reviews with constructive feedback
  • Provide an environment which encourages volunteers to give their best while enjoying the experience
  • Discuss level of performance and if necessary, reassign the volunteer to better match skills/experience
  • Provide a climate of mutual trust, recognition and support
  • Reimburse reasonable out-of-pocket expenses, on approval by Chief Executive Officer, in a timely manner (conditions apply)
  • Respect the rights and privacy of volunteers
  • Respect the input/ideas of volunteers
  • Acknowledge the efforts of volunteers