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...and take a ride on the other side

Join some of the most skilled, experienced, passionate, entertaining and hard-working volunteers in cycling. Whether you volunteer for a few hours, a whole day or even for a multi-day ride, your time is a much needed and valued resource. We can't do it without you.

Every day volunteers support Bike SA, delivering a wide range of services, including riding, marshalling, signing, smiling, registering, feeding, faxing, phoning, fixing, building, informing, mapping, packing, loading, driving, talking, giving, sharing, supporting and helping. Every day volunteers are at Bike SA helping with administration and repairing bikes; and on the roads and tracks, volunteers are leading rides. From dozens to hundreds of volunteers provide a range of services at events to help riders get from A to B, and back again.

As Bike SA develops and evolves within the cycling community, so do the roles of our volunteers. We have compiled a Volunteer Handbook to cover the principle roles that are the core activities of our organisation.

Each Bike SA activity is different, and therefore so are the roles of the volunteers involved. In some instances the roles performed by our volunteers may vary from the guidelines in the official Volunteer Handbook.

In keeping with our Guiding Values and Principles of impartiality, transparency and accountability, Bike SA is committed to involving volunteers, in partnership with paid staff, to:

  • initiate, enhance and extend the service we provide.
  • add to our community perspective
  • increase membership/community awareness and involvement
  • create social capital by working together
  • build trust, self-esteem, personal value
  • encourage and initiate necessary change

Volunteer Application Form

For more information please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Maureen Merrick