This year’s Annual Tour turned out to be quite an adventure.

Where you in Adelaide during last week’s crazy weather when some 1.7 million people were plunged into darkness?

Well Bicycle SA was leading a group of 200+ cyclists in the mid-north when extreme weather events, unprecedented in recent history, threw a “very twisted curve ball” at our cycling event.

Participants from all across the nation plus some from NZ and USA enjoyed a near perfect morning riding from Orroroo to Melrose but with ominous black clouds looming in the western sky it was not long after our arrival in Melrose that the tempest hit with great fury forcing the abandonment of the campsite and a rush for shelter indoors.

It was mayhem with 120km/h winds battering the mid-north. This transmission tower says it all…


A transmission tower down near Melrose

“I’ve been on a number of Bike SA rides and this would have to be the most extreme weather conditions we’ve had,” cyclist Karen Richardson told ABC News.

“Nonstop rain, hail and wind — everything you can think of, we’ve had it.”

Like the rest of the state, our group of riders were slammed. There was some carnage in the campsite but the local community was nothing short of fantastic.

While we saw the worst weather, we most definitely had the best in country hospitality.

I think it’s safe to say that it was a memorable one and that stories will be told time and again as we remember our Vineyards to the Outback experience.

Have a look at some photos courtesy of rider Tom Osborn.



The storm in Melrose


Carnage on one of the marquees in Melrose


Flooding in the Mid-North.  


Much better cycling on the final days of tour


Storm… what storm? Perfect weather for the last day of the tour.

We’re expecting better weather for next year’s Annual Tour in the Lower Lakes and Coorong region from 14 – 22 October 2017. Registrations open in January 2017.