In the lead up to Wine, Wheels & Whiting, we’ll be chatting to residents of The Clare Valley & Copper Coast. They’ll be sharing some secrets about the region and of course their passion for cycling. Meet Pete, the man with a million jerseys.

Meet Peter Foubister, who runs Mintaro Mews, a gorgeous little Bed & Breakfast in The Clare Valley. He’s not only crazy about cycling, but his place is teeming with cycling paraphernalia (yes loads of jerseys) and more often than not he has a few cycling celebrities pass through his door. Once a ‘mad roadie’, he now spends more time on a mountain bike.

We had a few questions to ask.

First up, where’s the best place to cycle in The Clare Valley?

All of the Clare Valley. Seriously, whether you road ride, mountain bike or enjoy cyclocross, you can do whatever you want. The Riesling Trail is great but if you’re capable, venture away from it all and get on the C and B roads and unmade roads and you’ll discover so much more.

And what about the best wineries to visit? 

The best experience is easily Jeanneret Winery, they really know how to talk wine. Sevenhills is also really iconic and beautiful.


Jeanneret Winery 

If you were to choose one bottle of wine?

Too hard. I’d drink any wine from this region. It’s all delicious. You can’t go wrong.

Your favourite place to eat?

Mr Micks is pretty special. They do amazing Tapas. The Rising Sun also puts on a good spread and Reillys equally does delicious food.

Mr Mick's SA life

Mr Micks on SA Life

And the best thing to do in the area on a Sunday? 

Ah… go for a ride and drink some wine. In that order of course: safety first!

Apparently you’ve had a few famous cyclists swing by… could you name a few? 

First up, Cadel Evans dropped by once. I’ve also had Dave Mackenzie, Roger Bonifaci (Luxembourg), Gerry Ryan and even politicians like Leon Bignell have dropped in.  I regularly get big groups of local cyclists come by and stay. The Scuzzi Skippies absolutely love it.

Cadel Evans

Cadel dropping in a Mintaro Mews

Your Bed & Breakfast is packed full of paraphernalia. What’s the favourite stuff in your collection? 

Stuart O’Grady’s first world championship jersey is one of my favourites. I also have Nello Bonifaci’s Luxembourg National championship jersey. Something a bit left of centre is a Classic 1870 Penny Farthing from a Belgian museum which I keep hanging on the wall.


One of the many jerseys in Pete’s Collection

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