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An Implementation Report on the 2014 National cycling strategy has been released and it’s going to be a challenge for South Australia to double cycling participation. 

The 2014 National Cycling Strategy – Implementation Report has been released. While there have been some terrific programs and results in some communities across the country, the bottom line coming out of this report is a wake-up call to our local and state authorities here in SA.

The National Cycling Strategy target to double cycling participation by 2016 is unlikely to be reached. Furthermore, our own state government target to double participation by 2020 is going to be a real challenge without significant increases in funding for infrastructure and programs development.

Here are some stats to take note of.

  • SA invested $7.4million in cycling last year, up from $4.8million in 2013
  • This represents $4.39 for every South Australian ($4.88 national average)
  • 1,385,666 bicycles were sold, again outstripping cars (1,113,224)
  • Just over 4% of state government funding was invested outside metropolitan Adelaide


And also some comparisons and outcomes can be seen below.


State comparisons on spending

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SA investment breakdown 

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The full report can be found here