Bike SA explains the latest on the Frome Street bikeway and the implications of a recent council vote. 

In the lead up to the Council meeting last Tuesday, Bike SA consulted with a number of Councillors. In the interests of moving the matter forward, Bike SA agreed to support an amended motion by the Deputy Lord Mayor that would see further examination of the design layout of the existing section on Frome Street and crucially, a commitment to commence design and costings for completion of the bikeway north to the Torrens.

Our position remains that any alterations to the Frome Street bikeway are done in accordance with the independent evaluation report, i.e. Removal of Ifould St bike racks and greening of lanes through intersections, etc.

While we respect Council’s desire for further evaluation of the bikeway, our primary interest is to ensure that design planning and costing for the completion of the bikeway to the Torrens will commence as soon as practical.

As there is still confusion and concern over potential impacts of the bikeway from some local businesses, Bike SA will consult with the local community on the many benefits of such infrastructure in the lead up to Council’s September deadline for the additional review.

Further Reading

Council administration’s response to the evaluation report can be found here