West Torrens Council is seeking mandatory high visibility clothing worn by ALL cyclists. 

At a recent West Torrens Council meeting, members voted in favour, seven votes to six (with acting Mayor Kym McKay making the casting vote) requiring mandatory high visibility clothing and helmet stickers be worn by ALL cyclists. They have requested the motion be placed on the agenda of the Local Government Association’s AGM in October.

As Councillor Mangos explained, he had twice been reversing out of his driveway and almost collided with children riding their bikes.

Bike SA does not support the mandatory wearing of hi-vis clothing or apparel. Such a proposition acts as a barrier to getting more South Australians riding their bicycles. Bike SA does however encourage riders to wear light and bright clothing and have their lights on – day and night. 

At a time when local governments are responsible for improving the public health of their community, regular cycling is proven to significantly improve an individuals’ health and drive down whole of community mortality rates.


This motion is even more disappointing in the context of current physical activity levels of children – as one of the worlds highest ranked countries for overweight and obese children, the City of West Torrens is seeking to enable a policy that would actively dissuade parents and children from getting physically active. 

Such a mandatory requirement would effectively be a additional tax burden to those in our community who are doing it tough – very often those on low incomes rely on their bicycle to get to and from work, school or to purchase everyday groceries.

And as the home of the Tour Down Under, Adelaide would become a laughing stock across the world by requiring all cycle tourists arriving at the airport and into the state to purchase a high visibility vest and helmet cover.  

In the interests of community safety, we humbly encourage Councillor Mangos to try reversing into his driveway and not out of it.

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