South Australia’s legendary community cycling event is fast approaching, fresh from its triumphant return last year.

We’re here to help you with some tips to get the most out of your ride and to enjoy the beautiful cycling that our state has to offer, all whilst supporting the great work of The Smith Family charity.

Know the route

Some of you participants from last year might already know the secret we’re about to let slip – once you’re past the initial climb up Mt. Lofty it’s pretty much all downhill from there (in a good way).  Stirling through to Victor Harbour is packed full of spectacular descents that give you a good chance to take in the landscape, or trees (whatever you’re in to really).

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Pick a distance you’re comfortable with

The beauty of this event is that there are distances and resources available to cater to just about every skill and fitness level. Whether you’re keen for a simple ride through the hills, want to push your limits or you’re a certified cycling guru, there’s an option to suit everybody!


Respect the climb

Mt Lofty is a harsh mistress for even the most seasoned cyclists. Remember to start slowly in a low gear and control your ascent up the slope. Stay relaxed, control your breathing and don’t push too hard.

Fuel up and stay hydrated

Okay this is the moment you’ve been waiting for, you have our permission to guiltlessly feast. Okay not really, but make sure you have a good, solid meal the night before – follow that up with a decent breakfast and you’re well on your way to Coast to Coast glory. There will also be plenty of food provided along the way to help keep you going. Staying hydrated is a nice obvious one for you all too, and especially if it heats up – we’ll be helping you out on the day with that as well!

Finally, remember to have fun!

Okay yes, it’s a bit silly, but take a moment when you’re out there to breathe in the surroundings and appreciate our little pocket of the world. But mostly just enjoy yourself – even if that means busting a gut to get those precious Strava goals, no judgements here.


The Coast to Coast community ride will take place this year on Sunday April 3rd, finishing in Victor Harbour. With full details and registration available through our website here.

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