Great ocean road

Last weekend at 4am, the NoPro got on his bike. 3pm Sunday he got off it in Adelaide after riding 1,080 km. We naturally had a few questions for him.


Because bicycle.

Seriously, that’s it. A mate of mine Dave Edwards asked me if I wanted to do a totally bonkers bike ride. Fly to Melbourne, ride our bikes home. Unsupported. Non-stop. How do you refuse an offer like that?

Dave is an endurance cycling enthusiast and writes a pretty informative blog about those challenges. You should check it out, it’s easier than saying “shameless plug.” Once you’ve finished reading this, you should go to With All I Have.


Myself, Dave, moustache aficionado Sam Jeffries, and Melbournite Peter Arnott. We all met each other through Everesting. We’ve all don’t multiple Everestings, and Pete has even done a double Everesting. So when nutters like that assemble epicness is inevitable.

group shot

Still mates after 1,000km Credit: David Edwards


The route started in Melbourne. Clockwise around the bay, ferry across to the other side. Then we followed the Great Ocean Road. Warrnambool, Portland,  Mount Gambier, Millicent, Kingston SE, Meningie, Wellington, Strathalbyn, Aldgate, finished at Adelaide Oval. The full route is on the Strava or Garmin links below.

Did you sleep?

We had 4 naps of 15-30 minutes each. 3 were in parks, 1 was in a ditch at Salt Creek. It may sound awful but on a ride like that you are stoked to be sleeping in a ditch.


What was the best part?

The Great Ocean Road was absolutely mind-blowing. That section of road is stunning. Go and plan your ride along there right now. You don’t have to ride 1,000km, just do it!

The other best part was my ride companions. We just had an absolute ton of fun together. No arguments, no anger, just our twisted sense of humour throwing insults at each other for 60 hours.

What was the worst part?

The sleep deprivation at night was scary. You fight desperately to stay awake but you start falling asleep while pedalling. It’s not pleasant suddenly waking up and correcting your balance because you were about to crash. That is why sleeping in ditches is welcomed.

Riding for that long does some pretty nasty things to your body as well. Swollen knees, swollen elbows, saddle soreness, sunburn, and numb hands just to name a few. I still don’t have full function in my left hand back.

How was the funniest part?

We were so bored of flat roads that we went a little nuts from Strathalbyn to Crafers. So we all started attacking each other on the climbs. Full gas attacks, riding bikes covered in bags, and over 1,000km in the legs. It was hilariously stupid.

What did you take?

I’m glad you asked, check out the informative video for my bike setup.


Got any advice?

Food and water is everything. Your engine will not work if it’s empty. Eat as much as you possibly can… then eat more… then fill your pockets with more.

More generally, my advice is to go have an adventure. It doesn’t have to be 1,000 km but just something suitably mad. Grab some mates, have some fun! Cycling for me is all about just having fun.

adelaide oval

Consider yourself lucky you can’t smell the photos Credit: David Edwards

What next?

Not sure. Dave has already thrown some ideas at me for our next epic. Stay tuned. Until then, I reckon I’ll ride my bike a lot.

Where’s your Strava evidence?

I know this will reveal my (not very) super secret identity, but it’s worth it. Dave has more Strava kudos than me, so help me out! I guess you can give the others some kudos if you want. Just not Dave.

Check it out on Strava.

Or, check it out on Garmin Connec

Oh and make sure you watch this video – it’s got some epic shots.


Want to join the NoPro for Coast to Coast? He’ll be riding the full 125 kilometres – and will likely take some crazy videos before, during and after the ride.