Join the NoPro for his recon of Amy’s Ride SA 100km route where he gives his unique style of non-expert analysis. Where else are you going to hear terms like: “Uppsville” or “Ouchy-Coaster”? That’s right, nowhere.

First up, some may be wondering who is the NoPro? Well you can check out his rider profile here. And here’s another picture – just in case you need it.


Such a handsome face… we know.

So this week – the NoPro has tackled the entire 100km Amy’s Ride SA course. (You can check out the map below).

Amy's Ride SA Map

And he has given his unique analysis. Yes, he does have a way of describing route profiles like no other.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 9.13.51 am copy

So without further ado – the Amy’s Ride SA video.

And last but not least some answers to readers’ questions.

Russell: So, important question to you. Does Lycra make you faster?

 Yes, I’m pretty sure it’s faster than wearing MC Hammer style parachute pants. Somebody please wear MC Hammer style parachute pants for Amy’s Ride.

Chris: Hey Mr. NoPro –  How slow can you go on the Wickam’s Hill descent?

That’s up to you, really. Slowest Strava time for the descent is currently 1h16m19s with a glacial average speed of 2.3 km/h. They probably stopped on the way down, but hey, if you want to take that as a challenge and lower the bar then go for it! Just don’t do it on Amy’s Ride, that would be annoying.

Twizz: Hey No-Pro, you sound pretty cool. My question/query is… When are u going to bring out the Recumbent. Peace & Love, Twizz.

@Twizz, Recumbents are a staple of my riding calendar. Eagle-eyed spotters would have seen me in this beauty flying around the AIPP 24 hour at Murray Bridge on the weekend. Well, you would have seen my legs…I don’t have a face.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 10.49.05 am copy

Phillip: Greetings oh Master NoPro. Grasshopper seeks your wisdom. If one were to manage up Norton summit to Scenic Hotel and still have chi energy left in physical and spiritual tanks, may one make it up Willunga Hill during Amy’s Ride and thus gain enlightenment?

@Philip yes, Willunga is steeper than Norton but shorter. All you need is the right gears. Stay tuned for my video on Willunga Hill. As for enlightenment, I suggest following Adam Hansen on twitter.

Do you have any questions for the NoPro? We asked him why he wouldn’t leave our office and he started throwing bikes and demanding we buy him a power meter. Post some questions in the comments below and hopefully answering them will distract him long enough to remove all of the coffee.

Join the NoPro for Amy’s Ride SA on Sunday 1 November and ride from Adelaide to McLaren Vale with ride options of 12-125 kilometres. Register to ride before Monday 12 October and you could win a Falco Elite Road bike from Reid Cycles. 

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