The Outback Odyssey

Some guys just rode the whole Mawson Trail in 6 days! And yes, the photos are nothing short of spectacular. 

Bicycle SA are no strangers when it comes to the Mawson Trail. For over a decade, we’ve been running our Outback Odyssey along this iconic trail. The trail offers the most beautiful and diverse cycling experience that Australia has on offer. Hell, let’s say the world.

It’s beautiful, It’s epic, It’s breathtaking. I mean, just take a look at this photo!

Odyssey Breathinkig

Photo Credit – Tim Bardsley-Smith, Cycling Tips

When we heard that the Cycling Tips crew were going to tackle the Mawson Trail in just 6 days we were impressed. (Our Outback Odyssey takes 16 days, although we do offer 5, 6 and 7 day options).

When we heard they were going to do it on Cyclocross Bikes, we even more impressed.

Because the weather, as they found out, can sometimes be muddy.

(c) Tim Bardsley-Smith

(c) Tim Bardsley-Smith, Cycling Tips

Make sure you read their amazing article, which includes a day by day Strava route of their journey and the most stunning photos that we’ve ever seen of the trail.

One last thing though. We’d love to know if they could do the trail on one wheel, because last year on our trip, Lindsey managed to ride the whole 900kms on a unicycle.


Photo Credit: Lindsey Colla

Hope to see some keen riders join us on the Mawson Trail next year in May 2017 for The Outback Odyssey

Further Reading

  • Bicycle SA runs  The Outback Odyssey  which is a fully supported tour along the Mawson Trail in May 2017. There are 5,6,7 and 16 day options available. 
  • Make sure you read Cycling Tips’s article which gives an amazing account (with beautiful photos) of this epic trail.
  • Have a look at some of our own snaps of the trail from our Flickr account