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Bike SA is working hard on revamping South Australia’s best flow Mountain Bike Trail

Article Update – May 4, 2015. The Green Smoothie isn’t open yet but we are looking for volunteers to help groom it to a nice smooth finish. Email Christian Haag ( if you can help out. 

You may or may not have heard about it – but the Green Smoothie – located in Cudlee Creek – is a  Flow Mountain Bike trail that is… well… just awesome. It’s the kind of trail that is fun if you want to go fast – and equally fun if you’re new to the world of Mountain Biking and want to take it easy.

You might be wondering what a flow trail is? Here’s a handy definition from the International Mountain Bike Association:

“All trails have a “rhythm,” a place where mountain bikers can find their groove. They call it flow. Flow Trails take mountain bikers on a terrain-induced roller coaster experience, with little pedaling and braking necessary. This style of trail typically contains features like banked turns, rolling terrain, various types of jumps, and consistent and predictable surfaces. Conspicuously absent are abrupt corners or unforeseen obstacles. As a rider carves back and forth, and up and down, he or she develops a rhythm and flows down the trail.


Flow trails are what you make them: leisurely rides with your kids where beginners can roll over dirt features and bypass technical ones, or an exploration of skills and airtime for fast, talented riders who want to turn the trail into the ultimate playground”

The Green Smoothie takes you all the way down to the bottom Fox Creek car park – and from there you can either get a friend to shuttle you back up to the top or ride “Middle Earth”.

Take a look at this video to see just how stunning the trail is.

Fox Creek Core Loop from Sam Roberts on Vimeo.

Following on from International Mountain Bike Association’s (IMBA) “trail guru” Joey Kline’s visit a few months ago, Bike SA contracted an IMBA trail specialist to take this trail to the next level. Work is still being finalised – but rest assured – when it opens  you’ll want to give it a go. 

On Your MTB!


IMBA trail specialist Alex Harrington with Simon and Robin volunteering their time to groom the freshly modified Green Smoothie trail

Please note that the Green Smothie Trail is currently closed – but will be opening soon. Bike SA acknowledges the great support of the Office for Recreation and Sport in funding this project.