The Outback Odyssey
The Mawson Tail is named as one of the “best road trips in Australia” by BUPA. 
At Bike SA we are dedicated to championing two-wheeled pursuits, and that includes road trips. So when Bupa Travel Insurance reached out to us for a recommendation for their article on ‘Some of The Best Road Trips in Australia‘ we were thrilled to recommend the Mawson Trail.
Our unique bicycle tours get you right into the heart of the South Australian Outback along the Mawson Trail for an adventure you’ll never forget. As we said to Bupa, ‘why not stretch your legs and make your way across some of Australia’s most stunning scenery on two wheels instead of four?’

The Australian Outback. 

The Australian Outback is a beautiful expanse of the countryside that is a sight to behold. When driving through, people don’t have the opportunity to see the outback up close like we do on our bike tours. There is so much beauty in these spectacular landscapes, so it is important to take your time to truly enjoy them rather than letting them flit by while you whittle away the hours in a car.

The Mawson trail begins in Adelaide and winds its way to Blinman. The roads are mostly off-bitumen and you can expect the come through vast tracts of varied landscapes and into charming townships. There are also stunning stretches of forest reserve to ride through, not to mention the dramatic Flinders Ranges.
Our Outback Odyssey is a challenging ride that encompasses the Mawson Trail and is held every two years. We recommend this tour for experienced cyclists only, however, those who embark with us enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes at the end of the 16-day tour (you can also choose shorter 5, 6, and 7 day options). All participants are proud of pushing themselves to their physical and mental limits to get through the 900-kilometre ride.
As challenging as the ride is, it comes with a whole host of other rewards for riders, ranging from experiencing the untouched beauty of the outback as the backdrop for each day’s ride to the chance to escape the stresses of daily life and reconnect with nature. Even better, riders can enjoy the personal strength and confidence gained by the end of the tour alongside the camaraderie that grows among the 200 participants that take part.
This unique trip can be a great way to discover more about yourself. Sign up today to get started on your next adventure in the outback!
Places are filling up fast for next year’s Outback Odyssey taking place in May 2017. Be sure to book your spot today.