Bike SA is working hard to lobby government for tax incentives to get people to cycle. 

Together with the Cycling Promotion Fund (CPF) and other national stakeholders, Bike SA is jointly supporting a submission to the Federal Government’s Tax White Paper Task Force, proposing four initiatives to increase the take up of cycling through tax incentives, while delivering associated benefits through savings in health, environment, community and infrastructure.

  • A Ride to Work incentive
  • An incentive for businesses to provide end-of-trip facilities
  • A tax-free mileage allowance
  • And tax-free membership of bicycle organisations

Stephen Hodge at the CPF has put together compelling arguments for logical and beneficial changes to the system – and those interested can  view the full submission here. Our hope is that one or more proposals may progress for consideration as part of the Government’s Green Paper process; which would in turn lead to another round of more targeted national consultations and another opportunity for the cycling sector to lobby for its proposals.

Meanwhile if you’re a small business that could benefit from having end-of-trip facilities and bikes for work purposes, then you might consider taking advantage of the accelerated depreciation tax break for purchases up to $20,000. You can find out more about this tax break here .

Want to read more? See this article in Australian Financial Review