Europe’s biggest country is building some serious infrastructure.

Germans love their cars. Seriously, this country is home to iconic brands such as Mercedes and Audi and every second German owns a car, more than France and the UK. Yet despite the love affair with cars, it has more than five times as many cyclists.

Germans also take cycling very seriously. So much so, that over the past year they’ve been building a national network of bicycle highways. Yes, the country that is famous for its Autobahn’s has been building the same high-speed network for cyclists.


Credit: Bored Panda

Yale University’s website explains how these cycle superhighways are different from your normal cycling infrastructure:

“Cycling highways are fundamentally different from usual cycling lanes. Highways are around 4 to 5 meters wide — twice the width of many bike paths — so faster cyclists can overtake slower ones in both directions….Like autobahns, the biking highways are designed to allow travelers to cover large distances without leaving the network.”

It would appear that Germany’s cycle superhighways are still a long way off, with some sections opening in January last year, and there is a plan to complete 100kms of cycle highway which connects 10 cities in the west.

South Australia has yet to finish Frome Street and distances between cities in Australia means cycle superhighways aren’t likely to pop up any time soon. However, could an Autobahn for cyclists be used within an urban area,  delivering commuters seamlessly from the outer suburbs to the city centre? Now that would be a cycling utopia.

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