10 km:h
The Shadow Transport Minister is seeking speed limits on footpaths and changes to the South Australian Third Party Insurance scheme. 

In response to community feedback received by the Liberal Party, Shadow Transport Minister Pisoni has proposed amendments that will see a cyclist speed limit of 10kmh on footpaths and a change in current Compulsory Third Party Insurance scheme.

“A 10 km/h limit represents jogging speed and is also the speed that most gophers are limited to, enabling cyclists to continue to share footpaths with pedestrians but minimizing the risk of injury if there is a collision,” said Shadow Transport Minister David Pisoni.

The current Labour Government oppose a generalised speed limit restriction on footpaths for cyclists (as do the South Australian Police and Bicycle SA)  and argue that any variation to the State’s compulsory third party scheme will drive up premiums for all SA motorists.

“This is not something that should be supported by the Government – it’s not supported by the police, it’s not supported by the Local Government Association,” Transport Minister Stephen Mulligan told Reporters.

The Local Government Association recently had an in-depth discussion on the issue and came to the conclusion that a community education campaign accompanied by data collection over the next two years would be the best way to go. Without data, there was little support for interim measures, including introducing speed limits on footpaths.

Let’s keep in mind that cycling pedestrian fatalities are very rare (in the past 5 years there have been no cycling/pedestrian fatalities), and that if government wants to reduce pedestrian fatalities, they should look at adopting measures to tackle the 15 deaths per year caused by vehicles.

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