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Yesterday, the Premiere announced a Government response to the Citizens’ Jury Report on sharing the road safely.

As many of you know – Bike SA has been involved as a stakeholder along with SAPOL, RAA, SARTA and a variety of government agencies in working together with the 35 jurors to inform and support the Citizens Jury’s consideration of the topic – “Motorist and Cyclists have always been using our roads. What can we trial to ensure they share the roads safely?”

In a nutshell the government will:

1. Develop legislation to the define the overtaking space between a vehicle and a cyclist.
2. Develop a detailed pilot programme to support both primary and secondary students in four metropolitan and regional SA schools with a greater focus on road safety
3. Undertake a variety of infrastructure upgrades, road maintenance, bike lane width, connectivity throughout the network, greenways etc.
4. Review legislation to allow cycling for all ages on footpaths
5. Ensure a minimum of two cycling questions in learners’ tests for drivers.
6. Provide $250,000 seed funding for the greenway and bike boulevard programme
7. Better collaboration across community and government for safety messaging and media engagement.
8. Create annual achievement awards with local government to recognise best practice
9. Encourage local government to review and lower speed and traffic flows on their local area road network.

We’ll keep you updated in the weeks to come and provide a more detailed analysis, but the in the meantime – have look at the full report here.

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