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Remember that big ol’ hill at the end of Boileau Velo Coast to Coast called Hutchinson Road? Here’s how fast people managed to climb it. 

Voila the winners of our Boileau Velo Coast to Coast Strava Challenge – and the downloadable results. Congrats to everyone that took part and thanks to Ground Effect  for supplying prizes.

1.Tanya Freschi 5:39 ($200 Ground Effect Voucher)
2. Hayley Teale 6:18 ($100 Ground Effect Voucher)
3. Christie Jackson 7:05 ($75 Ground Effect Voucher)

1. Ian Mitchell 5:41 ($200 Ground Effect Voucher)
2. Stephen Cunningham 5:42 ($100 Ground Effect Voucher)
3. Marty Toner 5:52 ($75 Ground Effect Voucher)

Participation Prizes. 

And of course, we always like to reward people that just gave it a go. So here are the winners of the Participation Prize – who all receive $50 vouchers.

  • Tanya Lowley
  • Steve Torok
  • Marc Simmons
  • Karen Hughes (w/Team SAAB)
  • Ian Butler
  • Mark Wake Dyster
  • April Timbs
  • Susan Tidy
  • Richard Andersen (W/Team St John Grammar)