Bike SA’s advocacy opinions are regularly quoted in a variety of media outlets and on a range of relevant topics. Here are some top comments online comments. 

Cycling stories in the media often solicit huge responses through the online comments section. Some of these comments are funny, some insightful and some just plain disturbing!!

Each month, we’ll share a cheeky cross section of opinions from this highly engaged online community.

So to kick it off, the recent decision by the Wattle Range Council to establish “No Footpath Cycling” zones on main street sections of Penola and Millicent solicited interesting chatter. 


I hope other Councils take the lead. Well done Wattle Range, now watch the Bike SA on call member lobbyists and commentators come on and condemn us people with a different view. (sic)

Advertiser 6 June 2016


Very excited. Just booked my next family cycling trip to Robe. As an objection to retrograde regressive small town small laws, Penola and Millicent will now miss out on $1000+ I spend on accommodation, food and extras. I will get on social media and spread the word…Robe is the best. The coast, surf and magnificent Cape Jaffa and Karratta wines..and that obelisk at Cape Dombey! Bypass Penola. Stuff Millicent.

Advertiser 6 June 2016

Another news story making the rounds is about a Kangaroo jumping on two unsuspecting cyclists riding in The Clare Valley. Hard not to enjoy some of the comments.


With Cyclists it is always someone else’s fault and never their own. Obviously with their belief that cyclists own the roads, they expected the kangaroo to give them a 1 meter space. 31 May

Sonny Hammond

What’s that Skip? 31 May

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