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The NoPro wanted to show you one of Amy’s Ride SA’s fabulous descents. The result well… kind of makes you nauseous. 

In case you’ve forgotten our wonderful NoPro – here’s another cheeky photo. (Don’t forget to check out his rider profile here).

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In his latest Amy’s Ride SA efforts – he’s managed to capture footage of the wonderful Wickhams Hill descent. But the descent is so quick – that footage makes you feel a little bit like queasy.

The NoPro isn’t fussed though. In his own words: “Let’s make this a thing where you show it to people and see if it makes them nauseous.”

So – are you able to watch this video the entire way through?

We promise of course that in real life – this is a glorious and fabulous descent – and will leave all riders with a huge smile across their face on the day of Amy’s Ride SA.

Register to ride Amy’s Ride SA – and see if you can spot the NoPro cruising down Wickham Hill. Register before October 12 to go in the draw to win a $1299 Falco Elite Road Bicycle.

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