To Bicycle SA’s Members & Friends,
It gives me great pleasure to communicate with you for the first time as the incoming Chief Executive Officer of Bicycle SA. Before I introduce myself, I’ll take this opportunity to acknowledge our outgoing CEO, Christian Haag, and pay tribute to his extraordinary leadership over the past 16 years. Christian leaves behind a legacy that I am sure will be remembered by Bicycle SA and the wider cycling community for many years to come. We thank Christian for his passion and significant contribution to cycling in South Australia and wish him all the very best for his future endeavours.
As for me, my name is Brett Gillett, I am a 54-year-old, passionate, born-and-bred South Australian. Recently, my wife and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary, which I claim as my most significant life achievement so far, alongside my two amazing children.
My cycling journey has been an interesting one. In my early years, nearly everything I did was on two wheels and at one stage I aspired to be a Findon Skid Kid. Although I never achieved that dream, I’ve always maintained my passion for cycling and at no stage have I ever not owned a bike. However, after coming off during a ride in 2011 – and although my injuries were not serious – I admit I lost confidence and started to find excuses not to ride. That ends now! Through my new position with Bicycle SA, and with the support of a passionate cycling community, I’m already motivated to jump back on and go again.
Professionally, I have had the privilege of working with highly effective teams, as part of very well-known and respected brands. Most recently, I held the position of Head of Brand and Partnerships Manager at the SANFL, the peak sporting body for football in SA. Prior to this I was State Manager for the Back in Motion Health Group, and before that I held a commercial position with the Adelaide Football Club.
I look forward to serving the cycling community and I embrace the scale of my responsibility. At Bicycle SA our vision is “More people cycling in South Australia”.  Our goals include being the public voice for commuter, recreational and touring cyclists and advocating for the opportunities cycling delivers as an integral part of SA’s future mobility needs.
Bicycle SA will continue to deliver education and encouragement programs, together with plenty of touring rides and events to increase cycling participation. We will continue to promote the safe, healthy and environmentally sustainable qualities of cycling. As a member-based organisation, Bicycle SA will continue to strive and deliver value to our members, seek their feedback and create an inclusive environment for all.
Like it has for all of us, Covid has thrown challenges at Bike SA’s feet. But with the support of my wonderful team, underpinned by an amazing and dedicated group of volunteers, we can now look forward to successfully navigating the future.
I look forward to the chance to meet as many of you as I can in my time here and, in the interim, I wish you all happy riding.

Stay Safe and Best Wishes,

Brett Gillett,
Chief Executive Officer,
Bike SA