Is it time to slow down to 30 km/h in Adelaide? 

A recent article in InDaily by Gayle Buckby – a Senior Planner at Infraplan – has put 30km/h firmly in the spotlight.

Buckby,  argues that Adelaide’s CBD should be a 30km/h zone – and other high volume pedestrian areas should also receive the same treatment.

There is no cheaper or more effective way to save lives and reduce injuries. Australia’s love affair with the car has blinded its people to the worldwide trend of reducing traffic speeds to 30km/h in areas of high pedestrian activity, and on residential streets. Any mention of the idea attracts vitriol from those who haven’t really thought about it very much.

There’s little doubt Lower speed limits are known to encourage more people to cycle, making spaces more people-friendly while reducing crashes. Once again, cycling in the media has inspired a flurry of commentary from bike riders and motorists, as well as those who have both car keys and a bike lock. Read the article and let everyone know what you think, too.

You can read the full article in InDaily here