We may have just stumbled upon Adelaide’s tastiest coffee…

When it comes to capital cities – there’s little doubt that Adelaide has the best routes to ride. But what about the best coffee ?

It came as more than a pleasant surprise to stumble upon the Red Berry Espresso in Glenside after a ride up Norton Summit. Owner and coffee roaster Walter D’Addario clearly has a passion for two things.

“I’m a cyclist, so I’m passionate about cycling. I’m also passionate about coffee… passionate about the beans,” Walter explains.

Step inside and you can see that Walter is obsessed by cycling. His coffee roastery is quite literally filled with bike paraphernalia – his own bike hangs on the wall – a rather gorgeous Casati that he’ll often take for a ride after the morning rush.


And Walter’s clear about one thing – he’s all about the coffee.

“People often don’t understand that this is not a café. It’s a roastery. I pay particularly attention to the beans.”

Speaking to Walter – you can tell that he cares about his beans. He sources “the best coffee from across the globe” which is then “lovingly roasted on a daily basis.” Every cup tastes unique and yes – the coffee is nothing short of delicious.


Clearly for Walter – marrying coffee and cycling seemed like a logical next step.

“I’ve been a cyclist before I was doing coffee – that’s what I would do after a ride – with your mates you have coffee and then everyone would head off to work. It’s what we do isn’t it?”


For Walter mixing his passion of cycling and beans has not only been a good life-style choice – but also a good business choice. He estimates that between 40 and 50 % of his customers are cyclists.

“The majority are roadies – but then you’ve got the guys and girls that ride for transport.”

Be sure to head there with your treadly after a ride.

About Red Berry Espresso

2 L’Estrange St, Glenside South Australia
Mon – Fri 7am to 4pm
Sat & Sun 7am to 12noon

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