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School holidays are here again, and it is time to get out on the bike. There are some great spots around Adelaide and the surrounding areas to ride, but it is not always practical to ride from home. The question is then how do you get to the start of your ride? 

You could try to fit the bikes in the car, but if there are three or four bikes it might be a squeeze or just not possible.

The solution is to use one of the many bike carriers that are available to carry the bikes either on or behind the car.

The options that are available to carry bike on a car are varied, so what is the best?

This will depend on a number of things such as, what car do you have, how many bikes do you want to carry, and what types of bikes are going to be carried?

Carrying one or two bikes – put them on the roof. 


If you are only carrying one or two bikes, it may be best to load them onto the roof of the car. Once you have a pair of bars fitted across the car, there are a few options load bikes onto the roof.

There are options to take the front wheel off and lock the forks into the carrier, or you can leave the front wheel on and mount the bike by the frame or by the front wheel.


All options are secure and stable for short trips or for travelling interstate. Most carriers also lock the bike onto the car, so if you want to duck off and grab a bit of food or a drink, you can be safe in knowing that the bikes will still be there when you get back.

Carrying bikes on the back of the car


If lifting the bikes up to the roof of the car is an issue, then you can carry the bikes at the back of the car. Some hatchbacks or wagons can take a bike carrier that clips onto the back and doesn’t need a towbar. These can be good for up to three bikes.

Towball mounted bike carriers


If you have a towbar, a stronger option is to use a towbar mounted bike carrier. These come in two general styles, removable hitch mounted carriers, and tow ball mounted carriers.

Removable hitches are commonly referred to as Hayman Reece hitches, and are the style where you remove the tow ball hitch and insert the bike carrier into the receiver. This style of bike carriers is at times stronger than tow ball mounted carriers and can accommodate up to five bikes on them.

Tow ball mounted bike carriers can either be a hanging style (hangs the bike from the top tube) or platform style (bike sits on a base). The hanging style of carriers can accommodate up to four bikes. You are at times limited on what type of bike you can fit on them. This is where a platform style of carrier comes into its own. A platform carrier carries the bike on a base and has an arm that holds the bike upright. This means you are not restricted to the style or size of bike that will work on there. The platform carriers are one of our personal favourites, and one that our staffs use regularly for our own bikes. The platforms are the most user friendly type to buy which make them ideal for people of all ages. These carriers can carry up to four bikes on them.

This covers all your starting options to carry bikes safely on car. If you do have any questions or maybe a bit of a different situation that may require you to transport a bike or two, we are always willing to help you out. Sometimes you may need to try the bike on a carrier before you commit to it which you are more than welcome to do.


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