They started with 30 kilometres and now they’re cracking the century. This is the feel good story of Boileau Velo Coast to Coast. 

Carolyn Dangerfield works just around the corner from Bicycle SA, at the bike store Bicycle Express. And she’s been getting a group of over 10 ladies ready for the big ride. It’s been quite a journey.

“We have grown together as a group as most of the girls haven’t  been involved in group riding before,” explains Carolyn. 

She explains how they all started doing 30km rides and that the group’s first big achievement was tackling the 50km Gear Up Girl SA ride late last year. It took quite some training  – heading up Mt Lofty on regular rides.

But with Boileau Velo Coast to Coast coming up – they’ve been increasing their training regime to nearly 4 rides a week.

“They are now comfortably doing up to 100kms in one go,” adds Carolyn.

“It’s a real achievement doing something that they thought they probably would never do.”

In Adelaide 4 out of 5 cyclists are male – and it’s truly inspiring to see more women getting out on two wheels. Keep an eye out for them this Saturday Morning – they’ll be doing a 30km ride followed by coffee at the Greek (on Carrington Street) to  talk tactics .

You can register to ride Boileau Velo Coast to Coast at