Adelaide, like many major cities around the world has seen a booming growth in DIY Bike Workshops. 

Wondering what to do with your old bike parts? Lost a crucial pinch bolt? Need to remove an obscure cassette?

If you’ve faced one of these dilemmas, you’re not alone but chances are yet to discover your local DIY bike hubs: the place where you do the mechanics while supporting your local community.
DIY workshops exist in most major cities from Hobart to the Big Apple. Rome boasts over 15! They stem from a common desire to address average people’s barriers to cycling. That and the fact people once bitten by the bike bug often like a place to mingle.

Adelaide boasts two such spaces, both providing affordable service centers where donated parts are recycled for drop in repair jobs. They only require you have the time and interest to Do It Yourself!

Adelaide Community Bike Workshop

Adelaide Community Bike Workshop is open 11-6pm Monday through Thursday and 9-2pm on Saturday. Located behind the old Bike SA office at 111 Franklin St, is also HQ for Bikes for Refugees, a charity that gifts 12-15 refurbished cycles a week to disadvantaged groups across Adelaide

Adelaide Bike Kitchen

Adelaide Bike Kitchen, located at 22 Gibson st Bowden is worth the short ride (or cycle-hobbled train ride). On top of access to mechanical resources ABK offers a weekly community dinner and frequent social events. Currently open Wednesday 5-8pm and Thursday 6-8pm, keep an eye on their page for additional summer hours.

The overarching message from DIY enthusiasts everywhere is simple: don’t let basic problems stand in your way. YOU can learn the skills to fix them, in the supportive environment we provide.  

So drop in, get your hands dirty and support Adelaide’s DIY bike culture!