Amy Schwarz and daughter Lily

Amy Schwarz has been on many Bike SA rides, but none quite as memorable as our Easter Cycle which she did in 2014. She shares her memories about this wonderful weekend away. 

Q: What’s did you like most about Easter Cycle?

I love the fact that the rides are all so well organised – you don’t have to plan a route – as somebody has done this for you.

The other awesome thing was that there was a local rider who really gave us some local knowledge about some great trails to ride.

Q: Who did you take to Easter Cycle?

I actually did it all by myself without the family. I was a little nervous about going alone. But I’ve made some friends from that event that I still catch up with now. It’s great to be able to network with people that I can go and ride with.

Q: What sort of riding did you do?

I mainly did Mountain Bike riding – but I also did some road rides.

Q: Any advice for first-timers?

Just give it a go. Honestly even if you don’t know anyone. People who ride tend to be pretty friendly. They might look intimidating in their Lycra but you’ll end up making friends.

Q: Your most memorable moment?

In actual fact – it was actually the people that I met more than anything else.  Oh and it was the first time I rode more than 100kms. It wasn’t like a race, and there were heaps of breaks etc. But that was memorable.

Q: Anything else to add?

The volunteers, especially Maureen, were super organised and on the pulse. Super receptive to feedback and organised great food. There were always plenty of snacks to share around. It was just great to be able concentrate on getting out on the bike.

Bike SA’s Easter Cycle is a family friendly weekend of riding, each year discovering a different part of South Australia from April 14-17.  It’s the ideal long weekend of relaxed fun for family and friends and this year’s Easter Cycle will be held in Jamestown. Book your spot at