Kangaroos have been scaring cyclists lately. And they are not the only crazy creatures to instil fear into our pedals. 

The internet has been awash with videos of animals encountering bicycles of late. This week, an Australian cyclist captured video of what he coined to be a “Kangaroo Apocalypse” just outside of Melbourne.


Ben found himself “surrounded” by Kangaroos.

Cruising on his bicycle in South Morang, Ben Vezine posted footage to YouTube in which Kangaroos appear to be engaging in psychological warfare. How? By standing as still as ‘humanly’ possible.

“Instead of a zombie apocalypse, it’s a [expletive] kangaroo… I’m gonna be honest, I’m a little terrified,” Ben says in the video.

Sure, Ben’s encounter was a little scary – but we don’t think Ben’s video rates as the craziest animal experience out there. Here are a few other animal antics that make deserve a mention.

1. Kangaroo actually running down cyclists. 

Unlike Ben, this Kangaroo actually made contact.  Straya… right?

(Note to viewers – the cyclist in the video was okay and only needed a few stitches. – You can read more here.)

2. Magpie madness

This might be a little bit of an oldie – but Magpies are actually pretty scary and there’s nothing like spring in Australia. South Australia is notorious for these swooping devils – so much so that there’s even an Adelaide Cyclists’ Attack Map. 


So to whet your appetite, here’s a great slow-motion clip. An oldie but a goodie.

Oh yes – and try not to laugh while watching this one.


3. Moose on a bikepath. 

They seem friendly – it’s just the fact that they’re so goddamn big.


4. That crazy deer.

We’ll let the video do the talking but only in Africa folks… only in Africa.

5. The emu.

And last but not least – this crazy emu. While it hasn’t made an appearance for a few years now – this emu certainly made an impression at our annual Mountain Bike enduro event – the Dirty Weekend – by chasing riders on the course. Unfortunately we don’t have any videos of this one – just images.





Writing on Adelaide Cyclists’ Forum after the event, local MTB tour operator, Ian Fehler explained what happened:

“This emu got onto the singletrack climb on the racetrack for the dirty weekend, and would not move. For a good half hour or so every time a rider came by it would jump out of the trees and chase them. It was great for the spectators but a bit of a shock for the riders- they did seem to go up the hill quicker after that though!”

We told ya….


Note to readers: No animal was harmed while writing this blog

Ever had a crazy experience with an animal while out on your bike? Let us know in the comments below.