A new study from Europe shows that cycling is worth over €500 Billion per annum. 

The European Cyclists’ Federation has just released a study quantifying the benefits of cycling to the economy. And the results are nothing short of astounding.

According to the new study, cycling within the 28 EU Member state countries generates a staggering €513 billion per annum, with Germany clearly reaping the benefits of strong cycling economy, generating in excess of €120 billion of the total share.

Lessons For South Australia

It’s hard to quantify exactly how much cycling is worth to the South Australian Economy. But turning this State into the cycling capital of Australia might well create just the sort of economic growth we need.

Our own research demonstrates a huge surge in cycling tourism, with numbers rising substantially over recent years. Our own surveys show tourists who ride spent $591 a day on their last cycling holiday and with great cycling regions like the Clare Valley, McLaren Vale and even Adelaide’s improving infrastructure, we have the potential to reap the benefits of this $2 billion-a-year national industry.

For more information on ECF’s cycling study head to their website