No longer will you have to gaze at the cyclist whizzing past your bus window while you’re stopped at the lights, wondering if his commute is any faster than yours.

The results are in, however disappointingly it’s a rather democratic result, with neither side really coming out on top overall.

Data compiled by the Advertiser, using Google Maps, revealed that cycling is on par with public transport speeds within about 12 kilometres of the CBD.

The maps below show how long it would take using either method, with cycling and public transport in blue and red respectively.

Cyclists find themselves with a leg up within a 10 minute commute to the city.

While public transport starts to pick up the slack in the 20 minute window, cycling still pulls ahead.

It’s only really in the 45 minute region that public transport takes the cake, with areas like the Adelaide Hills being more efficient to travel to and from by bus.

Bike SA Chief Executive Christian Haag says that more young people living in the inner metropolitan area are opting to not get a car, instead taking advantage of cycling and public transport to get around.

Regardless of your choice of transport, the reduced city congestion is a win for everybody.

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