For less than $1.50 a week, it’s worth becoming part of South Australia’s largest cycling organisation. We work hard to make South Australia a safer place for everyone that rides a bicycle, and we also offer Australia’s best value cycling insurance to protect you against any claims. 

In The Advertiser article, POLICE have warned cyclists to consider taking out insurance to protect them from claims against crash victims.

The warning comes following law recent law changes allowing people to ride bicycles on footpaths.

In a statement to The Advertiser, the spokesman said police “encourage cyclists to consider private insurance, which cannot only cover the cost to repair your own bike in the event of a crash, but also cover third party property and/or body claims that may arise”.

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“Bicycle SA’s 6000 members are insured for public liability up to $20 million and personal accident cover through their memberships,” explained CEO Christian Haag.

“Our insurance covers our members if they are involved in an issue that involves public liability or if they come off their bike anywhere in the world.”

And by being a member of Bicycle SA, you’re not only insured while on your bike. You’re also helping create a brighter future for cycling.

Just check out this infographic that we’ve pieced together showing what we do in a typical year.

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In summary, Bike SA Membership benefits include:

  • INSURANCE including healthcare costs, liability and loss of income.
  • LEGAL ADVICE free first legal consultation with Andersons Solicitors.
  • DISCOUNTS to events, bike holidays and 60 bike stores across SA.

So get on board, become a Bicycle SA member and help make a difference in the wonderful world of cycling in South Australia.