Mary Safe

Mary Safe. Photo Credit: The Advertiser.

Amy Gillett’s parents, Mary & Dennis Safe, explain why the 8th edition of Amy’s Ride SA means so much to them and the South Australian Cycling Community. 

Welcome to the 8th iconic Amy’s Ride in South Australia. There are many reasons people choose to participate, e.g. being able to ride on the car free Southern Expressway, enjoying the fabulous scenery along the coast and into vineyard territory, spending time with mates on the bike, introducing fun for children on their bikes also, as well as seeing old friends and making new friends along the way.

Our immense thanks go to Bike SA for their excellent staging of the event, to SA Police and the many volunteers who come on board selflessly to ensure we all have a safe and pleasurable ride. (Don’t forget to give them a “thank you “ as you pass!)

Some of us ride in memory of “loved ones “lost to road tragedy and we pay homage to their lives and their spirit as we turn the pedals in their memory. This year is the 10th anniversary of Amy’s death, 18 th July 2005. Despite 10 years having passed our desire to improve safety for cyclists through the work of the Amy Gillett Foundation has never diminished. We are delighted and very proud that on Oct 25, our SA government will bring in a minimum safe passing distance for motorists when passing a cyclist i.e. leaving 1 metre at 60 km/h and I.5 metres above 60 km/h.

This law is based around a simple premise – drivers not hitting bike riders. Being hit from behind is the crash type which results in the highest fatalities for bike riders. It is also about sharing the road, showing respect and understanding the vulnerability of cyclists.

If we truly understand that all road users are human beings who matter, we can move forward in a positive way.

Cyclists and motorists are both considered vehicles with the same rights and responsibilities within the Australian road rules.

Most road users simply want to travel from A to B and arrive home safely.

We urge all South Australians to educate themselves and their families regarding this new “safe passing distance law”.

By developing healthy attitudes in our behaviours on the road, by using patience in trying situations, and being grateful that we may have helped others arrive alive we can become role models for the “ drivers of tomorrow”.

Understanding and obeying road rules, compassion and generosity of spirit will go a long way to saving lives and families from the grief of road trauma.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday 1 November.


Denis and Mary Safe (Amy Gillett Foundation + Amy’s Parents)

Join thousands of other cyclist in support of safer cycling conditions on Sunday 1 November for Amy’s Ride SA. Choose ride options form 12-125 kilometres and ride from Adelaide to McLaren Vale.