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There’s a huge potential for electric bikes to replace company cars. There are good reasons why companies such as Australia Post are starting to take the plunge. Hugo from Trendy eBikes explains why workplaces should join the electric revolution. 

There’s a massive potential for electric bikes, or ‘eBikes’, to replace many car trips, whether it is for an everyday commute or for attending off-site business meetings. More and more people are choosing an electric bike over a car for their everyday commute. Worldwide, electric bicycles are the fastest growing mode of transport and organisations are starting to see the benefits for their business. In some councils electric bikes are used by gardeners, technicians and planners. Australia Post delivers mail by electric bike. Restaurants are starting to deliver meals by electric bike. So why are electric bikes gaining more and more interest from organisations?

1. Get there quick!

For business meetings within 5km, electric bikes provide a quick alternative to the car. Electric bikes are not hindered by busy traffic as much as cars are, and with speeds around 25 to 30km/hr they’re almost as quick as cars in city traffic. And of course parking an electric bike is way easier: you can park right in front of wherever you need to be, and it won’t cost you a thing!

2. Health and Happiness.

Everybody probably knows the huge health and happiness benefits of cycling compared to driving a car, but now we also know many of these benefits also apply to electric bike riders. A recent study, published in the NY Times, shows that those people who tried an electric bike for a month “were healthier and more fit now, with significantly greater aerobic fitness, better blood sugar control, and, as a group, a trend toward less body fat.” And I’m sure I don’t need to explain the organisational benefits of having healthy and happy employees…

3. Economical.

Keeping a fleet of electric bikes is significantly cheaper than keeping a fleet of cars. Save on purchase costs, registration costs, insurance costs, fuel costs, maintenance costs, parking costs and depreciation of value. Really a no-brainer this one.

4. Environmentally friendly

As an organisation you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint by adding electric bikes to the fleet. The electric power they use is increasingly generated by green sources like solar or wind, and as an organisation you can choose an energy supplier that only supplies green power.

5. Diversity.

By adding electric bikes as a transport option for your employees you offer them a choice of how they want to get to their appointment. Some people might always choose a car over a bicycle, but others will appreciate the option of taking an electric bike instead of a car.

6. Inspire!

The employees that try an electric bike for getting to their business meeting will love it, and will start considering to choose for an electric bike themselves, as an alternative for the car for their, say, 8km commute. On a bigger community level employees will become healthier, happier and will no longer be late for work due to busy traffic or lack of parking spaces.

7. Fun!

Electric bikes are just heaps fun! At Trendy eBikes we provide free test rides for people who are curious to try one, and we are yet to come across the person that is cranky or dissatisfied after a ride. Every single person who tries an electric bike for the first time has a smile from ear to ear.


Electric bikes could be a great addition to an existing car fleet, and are ideal for trips under 5 to maybe 10km in city areas. Trendy eBikes specialises in electric bikes that are suited for corporate use and provide free test rides for people and organisations who are curious to try one. The eBikes they offer are high quality, robust, low-maintenance, and safe to use. They provide free advice to organisations about which electric bikes best suit their needs, and how to best maintain and manage a fleet of eBikes.