While some may deny it, we all know that bikes have feeling too. Here are four ways to show your beloved bicycle that you care, this Valentine’s Day.

Get it serviced

Ever been commuting to work by bike and hear that person next to you with the gears crunching, the chain so dry it grinds and the tyres so flat you can almost hear the rims scratching the bitumen? Oh don’t be that cyclist. There are so many stores in Adelaide where you can service your bike and as a Bike SA member, you’ll often get a discount.

Learn how to fix your bike. 

Give a person a bicycle and they’ll ride for a day. Teach a person to fix a bicycle and they’ll ride for a lifetime. There’s no better way to show your bicycle you care than by learning how to maintain it with your own two hands. Bicycle SA offers a range of bike maintenance courses for all levels, from first-timers to advanced.

Give your bike (and yourself) some Bike Bling 

Nothing beats a bit of bike bling, and the number of accessories available are mind-boggling. Check out our list of 4 sweet cycle accesories to add to your collection to show you love your bike with style.

Ride your bicycle

Seriously, if there’s one way you want to show you care, it’s riding your bike. Ride to work. Ride to the shops. Ride everywhere. We’ve got a Free Rides Programme teeming with ride groups that you can join. We also put on many fantastic one day rides, such as our Grand Slam Ride this Sunday, and our Coast to Coast event coming on the first Sunday of April. (We even look after Mountain Bikers with our Dirty Weekend.)


Become a Bike SA member today and help create a brighter future for all road users.