Don’t be afraid of going over to the dark side. We promise Mountain Biking is awesome. Here are 5 reasons why it trumps road riding. 

No Cars 

You got it. When you’re on a Mountain bike, you’re GoPro isn’t there to highlight a close shave between you and a vehicle. It’s there to brag to your mates on YouTube about some nice trails. And there’s definitely something to be said about riding in remote, peaceful places, where you can commune with nature, meditate, and enjoy the great outdoors. It feel so much more relaxed than being on the road with cars.

Mountain Bikers are way more relaxed

Go hang out with a bunch that are Mountain Biking. There’s something about the culture of Mountain biking which is sort of similar to surfing. People are just really relaxed (yep you’ll have a beer post-ride, not a coffee). No-one is going to have a go at you if your bike isn’t the fanciest machine out there, and it doesn’t mater if your legs aren’t shaved 🙂

Dirt hurts less than pavement

Honestly, wiping out on gravel is not fun. Wiping out on dirt isn’t much fun either, but it certainly hurts a hell of a lot less.

You get a better workout 

While road riding is good for cardio fitness, (i.e. you’re spinning at a high cadence for a longtime) mountain biking actually uses way more muscle groups and a more dynamic fitness, as you’ll go for quick bursts to sustained cardio output.

You can still ride a Mountain Bike on the road. 

Yes you can… but try bringing a carbon fibre roadie to hit the trails. (Unless of course you are Danny MacAskill).

Bike SA runs The Dirty Weekend in the last weekend of April, and is the perfect chance for roadies to train up and change disciplines.