Bike Handles

There are a number of cool and helpful innovations that cyclists are now readily utilising when they hit the pavement. Check out these awesome gadgets. 


1. Coffee Cup Holder

Coffee and cycling are more or less synonymous with each other. We all love pulling up at the end of a ride, or even during, at our favourite roaster, whether alone or in a pack. Coffee is the optimal choice of drink when you consider the early mornings and well, let’s face it, how good is coffee. However, If you happen to only have time for a quick coffee and need to scoot, or rather, if you’re on a casual roll exploring the surrounds and want to take your hot beans with you, bicycle accessory startup Bookman now offers the perfect solution. A simple and stable attachment to the handlebars of your bike, allowing your coffee to sit tight while you ride on to find your next chill spot or continue on course. There’s no excuse for an unfinished coffee now, as Bookman has your coffee needs and addiction covered. Or even perfect for a cycle/coffee date to explore the countryside. As pointed, coffee and cycling are a match.


2. The Blaze Lazerlight

This new light technology represents the great and strong developments made in safety for cycling at night. Created under the brand, Blaze, this new light is readily available to kickstart your late night routine. Bike gear over the last few decades has incorporated lights of all designs, yet the blaze trumps all in its innovation and ingenuity. This little guy projects a bicycle figure 6m in front of your path on top of its beam, meaning fellow commuters and traffic are aware there is cyclist present in advance, optimising safety. The Blaze is also waterproof, USB rechargeable and compatible with 99% of handlebars, making it equipped to handle all your nighttime cycling safety needs. Blaze away!


3. Bike Bag

While there is clothing apparel to zip your phone up into, and or throw your bankcard in, it’s never the most comfortable with the extra burden weighing down on your shirt or cycling jacket. It’s this very notion that is the inspiration behind Posh Projects new bike bag. Attached to the frame of your bike, it securely fastens your mobile and wallet needs if the occasion calls for it or to merely take the slack of your clothing. If you’re an avid and determined cyclist, this might not be the add-on feature for you. However, if you’re the casual lycra enthusiast, then this is the perfect thing to complement coffee or lunch dates mid or post ride. The ideal addition for the bike gear enthusiast.


4. ICEDot Crash Sensor

Getting on the bike comes with its own risks. And here’s to hoping no one reading this runs into any trouble. However, unfortunately cycling accidents do happen and it can set an anxious tone for those closest to you, especially when you head out on a ride by yourself. This is why the ICEdot crash sensor is a great tool to employ for peace of mind for your loved ones and safety in general. This mobile application sends an alert to your emergency contacts when or if you’re in an accident. It also delivers your GPS coordinates to inform those alerted of your whereabouts. Available on Iphone 4S and Android 4.3 and later, ride safer with ICEdot. To really cover yourself, opt for ICEdot.


5. Wireless Bicycle Turn Signal

Located under the back of the seat, the wireless turn signal feature is the perfect device to adhere to road and traffic safety, and to keep your hands firmly locked in upfront. Illuminated by neon lights, the indicators are activated by a simple push of the button on the handlebars informing fellow drivers and commuters your intended travel path. This device increases road safety for all, especially given the amount of near misses and incidents that occur at intersections. There’s no doubt bike gear of this nature will become more ubiquitous on bikes as cycling and riding in general becomes more integrated with technology.

These are just a few things now in the market to help amplify your cycling habit. Whether you’re in it for work or play, these items are sure to benefit your routine in one way or another. Even if none of the above suit your needs or wants, the creative depth shown in bike gear that’s now readily available is evidence enough that something will soon will surely tickle your fancy.

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