1. It’s one of our biggest and most spectacular road rides.

Coast to Coast was brought back by popular demand for a reason, and we’re glad we listened to our community. No other ride covers such a broad and spectacular mix of terrain quite like the Coast to Coast. Experience everything from winding through the hills to the stunning descent to the sea. For those who the undertake the full ride, once you’re past Stirling the route trends downhill all the way to the coast.

2. It’s suitable for all ages and abilities

The Coast to Coast doesn’t just cater to the most hardcore, allen bolt polishing, up before the sun road riders! You can pick the distance that suits you best, with a 10 km loop option for kids. You don’t have to have a schmick carbon roadie. You can do the coast to coast on any bike, break out the BMX!*

3. Give your new years resolution a target

You know how it is; you make a new years resolution, but you’re still recovering from your epic new year party! You’ll start it the next day, or the one after… Use Bike SA’s Coast to Coast as the training goal for your new years resolution to keep you on track. Distance options range from 10 to 120 km, so if you have big plans for 2017, start training early!

*Do you actually intend on doing the Coast to Coast on a BMX? We were really just illustrating a point. Are you sure? That’s pretty bonkers, get in touch because we want to hear about it, and introduce you to the Bike SA member who did the 900km Outback Odyssey on a unicycle.

Coast to Coast registrations will be opening soon. The ride will take place on Sunday 2 April. Keep an on this page – and we’ll let you know when you can register to ride.