Video Screen

Some dude with a Go Pro and a Garmin has filmed more than 20 of Adelaide’s toughest climbs. Legend. 

Oh the internet!

For those that like getting out and riding on the weekend – technology has been something of a blessing. Back in the day before we had tubeless tyres,  you needed some serious local knowledge and a map to find the best spots to ride. These days all you really need is a Strava account.

And of course the cycling world has also been blessed with amateur YouTube videos. An Adelaide cyclist by the name of James has created more than 20 videos of what he calls “Adelaide’s Toughest Climbs”.

James, writing on Adelaide Cyclists’ Forum, gave the following reasons for making the videos.

Adelaide Climbs

You can’t help but smile at his videos. They’re complete with some pretty hilarious commentary.

“I was worried about running over some hobbits or something,” says James, while climbing Pole Road.

“But I probably should have been more worried about the 10% gradient for a kilometre.”

Yes you should have James… yes you should have.

Thank you YouTube.

Watch more of James’ videos below – or check out his YouTube ChannelNote – there is some coarse language in some of James’ videos.