BIcycle Touring

It’s 2017, and we hope your New Year’s resolution is to get out and ride more often. Check out our list of 5 gorgeous touring bikes. 

Malvern Oppy 

Malvern Oppy

Malvern has reinvented itself as of late… and boy, their touring range “The Oppy” is pretty gorgeous to say the least. These bikes can be spotted in many local Adelaide dealers such as Standish Unley.  With price tags starting around the $1000 mark, nab yourself a bargain.

Kona Sutra


Kona has a reputation for sturdy, reliable and very sexy looking machines. The Sutra is no exception, being a wonderfuly refined touring bike that will take you there and back again, and again.

Surly Long Haul Trucker


What cycle touring list can be complete with adding a Surly Long Haul Trucker. This bike has without a doubt been hugely influential and has a devoted following in the cycle touring world. It’s easy to see why. (Having had my own Surly LHT stolen, I can attest that they are a great beast to ride.)

Spazio Tourer


This thing is stylish machine to say the least. It’s Italian design means you’ll be getting from A to B in style. You feel just at home with panniers on a long tour as you would heading to your local market for a shop.

Wayward Bicycle Company


Newcomers to the scene, the Wayward bicycle company make two gorgeous touring models, the very Australian “Nullabor” and “Cape York”. Built in Australia by Australians, their website states that they dreamed “of a bike brand designed and developed in Australia, one that was locally owned by cyclists who are as passionate about the ride as the bikes themselves.” It would appear their efforts have paid off, with the bike getting rave reviews.

Keen to go on tour? Join Bicycle SA for our Outback Odyssey in May 2017 or our Annual Tour in September 2017.