The Bicycle Coalition

The Bicycle Coalition

It is very exciting to be able to announce the birth of the Bicycle Coalition.
For a number of years the member based bike riding organisations in Australia have jointly supported the national roll out of the Ride to Work and Ride2School projects. Now the four largest groups have come together to form the Bicycle Coalition in order to advance the number of shared initiatives.

Member Groups

The member groups are different: we work in different political contexts and our bike riding peaks are in different months. Organisationally we have different histories; we see different opportunities; we have different strengths and different priorities. These differences are outweighed, however, by what we share. We share the aim of trying to convince people that 'Life is better on a bike!' We use similar methods - relying on support from members and riders who will pay to come on a ride. We have broadly similar strategies and celebrate the same sort of successes.

Working Together

The member groups that make up the Coalition have a combined membership of over 60 000 and are in contact with a quarter of a million bike riders across Australia. We know that through frequent communication and regular meetings we can establish and extend a base of agreement about bike riding issues; present common positions to government, community and business; develop shared intellectual property and develop shared ventures and initiatives. We believe that the work of the Coalition will significantly enhance the ability of each group to achieve its purpose.


The Coalition has already identified a number of initiatives that we can unanimously endorse. We have also developed a list of initiatives that we think can be added to that list. These initiatives and potential initiatives are listed along with the Charter of the Coalition.

Your Views

We would be interested to hear your views. You may want to suggest some issues that would be appropriate to address as a Coalition. Please contact us - Alex Unwin, Bicycle NSW...Ben Wilson, Bicycle Queensland...Christian Haag, Bicycle South Australia..Harry Barber, Bicycle Victoria.

Coalition Charter

Our purpose is: 'Life is better on a bike.'
The Bicycle Coalition exists to help achieve the endorsed organisational strategies of the member groups.


The Coalition will:
  • Establish and extend a base of agreement about bike riding issues
  • Present common positions to government, community and business
  • Develop shared intellectual property
  • Develop shared ventures and initiatives


The Bicycle Coalition makes all decisions by unanimous agreement of the member groups. The exception is expulsion of one member by all of the others. The members are represented in the Coalition by the senior executives who will meet regularly. Coalition initiatives will be achieved by delegating tasks to members.

Existing Programs Endorsed by the Coalition

We have endorsed two national social marketing programs:

  • National Ride to Work
  • National Ride2School

We have endorsed a national effort at rider education:

  • The Light Up! campaign aims to reduce the proportion of bike riders who ride at night without lights
  • We are working together to get more bicycle facilities built
  • We are working together to improve the frequency, accuracy and comparability of bicycle trip data
  • We are developing shared internet services for riders including the Bike Shop Finder; to help riders find independent bicycle dealers, help independent bike dealers serve riders, help independent bike dealers connect with Coalition members.
  • We plan to launch a national Ride leader accreditation program
  • We are working to enrol the bicycle industry as supporters of our initiatives
  • We have a number of programs under development - (the lead group is shown in brackets)

We intend to establish joint positions on the following Commonwealth and State legislation and policy:

  • Commonwealth fiscal policy (Bicycle NSW)
  • Bicycle parking and other bicycle friendly planning guidelines (Bicycle Victoria)
  • Road trauma reduction (all groups)
  • Preventative health measures (Bicycle Victoria)
  • We are working to establish involvement by the members of the Bicycle Coalition in the Great Escapade (all groups)


Is the Bicycle Coalition a new organisation?
No. The Bicycle Coalition describes the shared ventures and initiatives of the member groups.

Can individuals join?

No. The Bicycle Coalition members are currently member based community organisations promoting bike riding.

Can organisations join?

Similar organisations can make a case to the current members to be included.

Is the Bicycle Coalition a political lobby group?

Yes. The Bicycle Coalition members will be able to lobby politicians in the name of the Coalition when the members agree on an aim and a method for the campaign.

Is it a national organisation?

The Bicycle Coalition has a national scale - the homestates of each of the groups cover most of the Australian population. However the Bicycle Coalition is about encouraging people to ride wherever they are. Our membersand supporters come from anywhere.