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    22 March 2019

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Ride2School Day aims to break down the barriers to more students walking and riding to school and consists of 2 main components:

Events - We provide the resources so that you can run your own Ride 2 School Day Event! Events are a great way to spark the interest of non riders and walkers, showing them how easy, fun and energizing it is to be active on the way to and from school.

Hands Up Surveys - Regular online surveys track the number of students arriving at your school by different forms of transport. Students enjoy being surveyed and this encourages students to be active on the way to and from school.

What is Ride2School Day?

Ride2School Day is a national behaviour change initiative which aims to increase the number of students walking and riding to school.

In developing our partnership with program managers Bicycle Victoria, Bicycle SA is proud to support this national initiative as we work together to promote kids in both metropolitan and regional South Australia getting on their bikes and riding to school.

riding to school
riding to school

Why Ride to School?

Ride2School encourages healthy lifestyles by increasing students' physical activity levels .... It's good for their health, good for their education, good for the environment and good for the family budget..

For more information contact: Ride2School National Coordination Centre
Ph: 03 8636 8888
Fax: 03 8622 8300
Email: ride2school@bv.com.au
Web: http://www.ride2school.com.au

Did you know there is also a 'Ride 2 Work Day' ?