Fleurieu Fondo

Sunday 3 November, 2019

The Fleurieu Fondo is not just a road ride, we’re also giving you some of the best gravel riding the south has to offer. Each route features the most spectacular cycling South Australia has on offer and you’ll share the road with thousands of like-minded cyclists.

Sexy Spring (Timed) 
Price Per Person Member Non-Member Child 6-16yrs
Sexy Sprint (Solo or Team of 4) $110 $110 $110
Standard Road Ride (Untimed) 
125/100/70km Ride $79 $90 FREE
30/35km Ride $49 $59 FREE
12km Shiraz Trail Ride $15 $15 FREE
Gravel – The Mclaren Gravale
40km Gravel Ride $69 $79 FREE
70km Gravel Ride $69 $79 FREE

For multiple registrations, you will be prompted to register a second rider prior to payment