Despite moments of rain and wind students had a great time and learnt new skills both on and off-road. 1801 students took part in Way2Go Bike Ed across 25 primary schools, with 109 riding a bike for the first time with the majority progressing to the on-road component. This armed lots of children with newly learnt skills ready to practice over the school holidays. The winter weather means that students don’t tire as quickly as in summer heat and so rides are longer with more KMs to keep us warm. The Instructors delivering in Angaston Primary School clocked up 40KM cycling with students within the three sessions in one day – I’m sure all slept well that night.

We often have students take part in the program with special educational needs and this term included a student with autism and motor skill issues. In lesson one, he couldn’t sit unaided on a bike and believed he would never be able to balance, let alone learn to ride.  By the last lesson of the six-session program, he was riding unaided in laps around the school. Teachers report that he has practised every day since the program finished eight weeks ago and can ride for up to an hour and a half at a time. He is hoping to ride to school soon.

Kadina students took part this term and quickly gained confidence and enjoyed the on-road training using the many intersections.  Quiet streets with light traffic and parked cars allowed for skills learnt on the school grounds to be put into practice on the road. As in many country schools, the team finish the program – where possible, using the main street with higher traffic volume and crossing areas. It was great for the community to see students being actively taught safe riding practices. Students quickly learnt that the rules & procedures practiced in quiet streets apply directly to busy areas and they were able to safely negotiate roads despite being immersed in traffic.

Term three is all set and ready to go with 26 schools set to take part in Adelaide, Kadina, Whyalla and Mount Gambier. Any school interested in the DPTI funded Way2Go Bike Ed program delivered by Bike SA should visit the Way2Go website for more information.  Applications for the program are processed by DPTI.