Steve has just won an epic trip along the Mawson Trail. He’s getting ready for adventure!

Last month, we drew the winner of our Outback Odyssey competition, in which people had to tell us in us in 50 words or less why they’d like to ride the Mawson Trail.

His winning entry was as follows:

The ultimate five senses experience in one ride.  See the blue skies and green trees, listen to the morning birds and afternoon flies, smell the wildflowers and country air, taste the farm cooked delicacies and delights and to touch the red dirt and gravel roads, all along the way.

We had a bit of a chat to Steve about his upcoming trip and he kindly answered a few questions.

What are you most looking forward to on The Mawson Trail? 
The ability to escape city-life is important.  This is achieved by not only being a long way away from the city, but also by interacting with some country folk whom have a different view about life and priorities.
The Mawson Trail takes riders through our beautiful country and gives us that chance to escape our world, and appreciate another one.
 What bike will you ride? 

I have an old Giant MTB which would be good to go.   Might need a minor service beforehand, and will need to wait until the weather forecast is in before deciding on whether to take the slicks off and put the knobblies on.   I have ridden parts of the Mawson and Flinders before, and generally slicks work well in the dry.

Got any advice for Steve? Let him know in the comments below. Or even better, join him on this epic adventure in May 2017.