This simple Dutch move could be a simple way to avoid injury. 

Dooring…. it’s every cyclists’ nightmare. An inattentive car driver open the car door and the consequences can be dire.

Hence the “Dutch Reach” could be a valuable little lesson

“The Dutch Reach is a practice where instead of using your near hand — usually the driver’s left hand — to open your car door, you use your far hand. Your right hand,” explains American Doctor, Michael Carney.

“In doing that, you automatically swivel your body. And you position your head and shoulders so you are looking directly out. First, past the rearview mirror. And then, you are very easily able to look back and see if there are oncoming bicycles or cars or whatever.”

The best part about the Dutch Reach is that it costs nothing to implement. It just asks people to change their behaviour (which is easier said than done).

Watch this great little video explainer.

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