Bicycle SA is working hard for safer roads for all South Australians, explains CEO Christian Haag. 

Bicycle SA takes the safety of bicycle riders on our suburban and country roads seriously. It has been a priority of ours for many years. We have and continue to push for much needed increases in infrastructure spending, complemented by appropriately targeted education and behaviour change programs.

While we can’t physically go out and install better infrastructure onto our roads (as much as we’d sometimes like to), we have been developing close working relationships with key partners to help develop our education and behaviour change communications in relation to rider safety.

A fantastic example of what we’ve been able to achieve so far is our partnership with the Motor Accident Commission (MAC). Together, we’ve developed a workplace education program that identifies the top three crash scenarios in South Australia and provides meaningful strategies to minimise the associated risks to riders.

And the fascinating part about our work has been that it’s the most experienced riders who are most at risk on South Australian roads. Research shows that it is the very experienced riders who have higher levels of confidence – sometimes leading to complacency and higher accident rates. 

This program is delivered to workplaces free of charge thanks to the partnership support of the MAC. To date, 4,000 employees have benefited from these sessions and as you can imagine, they also provide a great opportunity to encourage employers in becoming more cycle friendly. The ability to deliver this program under the umbrella of the MAC Be Safe Be Seen brand has further leveraged its successes. 

Be Safe Be Seen

The Be Safe Be Seen Work Place presentation


The Be Safe Be Seen Bike Trailer – used for practical sessions after the presentation

Amy’s Ride SA – getting more bums on bike and creating safer roads for everyone. 

Our partnership with the Amy Gillett Foundation over many years has seen us dedicate our biggest mass participation ride along the Southern Expressway to promote the A Metre Matters communication campaign. We have done this by gaining AGF agreement to name the event Amy’s Ride SA. The sight of over 3,000 riders sharing a great day in the saddle through the beautiful McLaren Vale region, all in the name of promoting respect for all road users has been a terrific success.


Riders on last year’s Amy’s Ride SA

Our capacity to advocate to government is greatly strengthened by the critical mass of riders on this, and other Bike SA events.

So as we move into the spring riding season, we will continue to work hard in advocating for safer conditions for all cyclists – young and old. The more members we have, the greater our voice and your continued support at our events is the primary mechanism for us to fund our advocacy. The more bums on bikes – the more powerful the safety message to government. 

We would love to welcome new members and new riders to Bike SA and of course if you would like more information on the lunchtime Be Safe Be Seen education sessions please get in touch and book a session with us at communications@bikesa.asn.au.

Become a member at Bike SA and get insurance, discounts at events and more. Even better – come and ride with us – and why not take part in Amy’s Ride SA on Sunday 1 November and be a voice for safer cycling. 

You can find out more info about our Be Safe Be Seen presentations here.