Go Pro Helmet

Wearing GoPros on helmets has become commonplace. But is it legal? 

It’s pretty common to see people wearing GoPros on bike helmets these days. And it make sense right? You’re in an accident, or someone’s driving dangerously, and you’ve got bone fide footage that proves who was at fault. Or maybe you just want to capture your latest ride.

The law however remains a bit bit murky.

Every helmet sold must be accompanied by a brochure or label that includes warnings that include “no attachment should be made to the helmet except those recommended by the helmet manufacturer”. 

However, if you dig a little deeper into the legislation….

(For a full legal explanation on the issue, our legal partners, Andersons Solicitors, have recently blogged on the issue here.)

The Victorian Case – The Motorcyclist and The GoPro

Last year, a Victorian motorcyclist was fined a whopping $289 by police for attached a GoPro to his helmet.

He took the matter to court and lost. Fast forward to February 2016, two appeals later and County Court Judge John Jordan had dismissed the charge, stating that “the standards for helmet attachments only applies to manufacturers.”

At the end of the day, it all remains a bit of a legal grey hole, especially in Victoria.

According to Peter Bourke, who heads the Cycling Promotion Fund, he says that after meeting Vicroads, they are “currently looking at the matter” but he admits that he’s not certain which way they will go.

In any case, the recent decision in Victoria is likely to spur some legislative changes in our Eastern neighbours. At the end of the day, having cameras on helmets, for whatever reason, is increasingly common in SA, so we’ll keep you posted on any changes.