There’s been fantastic moments, and some not so fantastic moments in in 2016. CEO Christian Haag looks at both 2016, and looks forward to 2017 to let us know what’s in store. 

Frome…Here to Eternity!


Seriously – how hard is it? As we say, it’s not about the bike, it’s about the CITY!!!

We must praise the Adelaide City Council and state government on their $12 million commitment to separated bikeways across the city. This investment will see the north-south (Frome) and east west corridors being completed within two years.

While our car-loving cousins in the United States continue rolling out separated bike lanes like there’s no tomorrow, far too many of our elected members continue to be stuck in a political torpor when it comes to providing access to safer cycling infrastructure. 60% of South Australian’s say they would cycle more if better facilities were to be provided.

The call to all other local government authorities to invest significantly more in their cycling networks must be heard.

It sometimes feels like your trying to convince them that the world is actually round…!

The Disappointing

While many of our councils are working to encourage their constituents to get active on their bicycles, there are some Councils that felt a different approach was necessary.

Campbelltown Council had a bright idea to “lobby the state government to enact mandatory bicycle ID at all times“.

West Torrens Council also in its wisdom tried to “lobby the state government to enact mandatory Hi-Vis clothing and helmet stickers“.


These issues were considered so pressing, that motions were presented at the LGA General Meeting for debate. Result – motions resoundingly defeated.

Local government continues to deal with many challenges and their responsibility to improve the public health of their constituents is at the top of the list, in our opinion.

The transformational benefits to overall public health by making cycling more attractive is well evidenced across the world.

Our #Biked Off competition was dusted off again this year- this issue? Unridable bike lanes. We got plenty of responses to this – potholed, debris laden, traffic management signs, illegally parked cars…and the list goes on.


The Not-So Aloof

People post some rather amusing online comments when it comes to cycling but this has to be the pick of the year.

Remember the story of a Kangaroo jumping on two unsuspecting cyclists riding in The Clare Valley? Hard not to enjoy this comment.

“With Cyclists it is always someone else’s fault and never their own. Obviously with their belief that cyclists own the roads, they expected the kangaroo to give them a 1 meter space – Hayden – 31 May


The Future

As a board member of the World Cycling Alliance, we have been able to contribute to a number of cycling discussions on issues that affect so many communities around the world. We have also been able to network with some of the best practitioners around.

The Taipei Velo-city Global conference and the associated Taipei Cycle Show showed just how fast both the bicycle industry and cycling advocates are driving forward with the incorporation of new and disruptive technologies to enhance the urban mobility agenda.

World Cycling

And while we’ve known about the economic benefits of getting more people cycling, the European Cyclists Federation have released their second economic statement that shows a whopping €500 billion benefit to the European economy each year from those who ride their bicycles.

As I write, we are building our 2018 Election strategy. As South Australians will be going to the polls in March 2018, we will engage with all parties and candidates to ensure the cycling agenda pedals up a few gears so we can get more of us riding into the future.

Have a great Xmas and a happy cycling New Year!

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