A new Spanish study suggests those wearing lycra are putting themselves at risk of overheating. 

I’m sure many have had to justify their lycra-wearing habits at one stage or another.  “It’s more comfortable” or it “keeps you cool” and even “have you ever tried riding 100 kilometres without padding?

Check this. According to a new study by the University of Navara in Spain, those over 60 should ditch Lycra because it actually increases body temperature.

Researchers spoke to The Telegraph Newspaper and explained the following:

“The study tested four groups of 12 people of different ages, at different temperatures to see if compression clothing helped performance and recovery. The results showed that when exercising at 20C young people gained no benefit from tight clothing.

In the case of trained cyclists with an average age of 66, garments actually increased body temperature and in some cases increased heart rate after an intense effort.

Mr Leoz said that older people should not use heat-dissipating compression clothing, because it could increase the onset of hyperthermia  – the raising of body temperature above the normal levels.”

Hold on though. Before you go ditching all your event jerseys, it’s worth noting that this research only looks at tops (not shorts etc.) We should also point out that the vast majority of lycra tops worn by cyclists aren’t compression wear, but rather a jersey which is generally a polyester blend.

At the end of the day, might we sensibly suggest getting out on your bike, with or without lycra, is probably the best way to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

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