Hikers and mountain bike riders will welcome dog walkers and horse riders to our state parks as they spread the “I Share My Trail” message in a campaign launch today.

The message has been adopted by trail user groups including Bike SA, Horse SA, Walking SA, Trail Running SA and Gravity Enduro SA to encourage respect and cooperation among all users.

Users of Adelaide’s new shared trails aim to spread this new theme of respect and cooperation with their members and encourage good behaviour.


As part of the Government’s commitment to encourage more people to get into and enjoy the State’s parks, the Department for Environment has been collaborating with trail user groups to develop a positive message that encourages shared participation in outdoor recreation.

Each of the represented peak bodies will continue to use this new message with their members.

Parks with shared trails:

  • Anstey Hill Recreation Park
  • Belair National Park
  • Cobbler Creek Recreation Park
  • Sturt Gorge Recreation Park
  • Onkaparinga National Park and Recreation Park
  • Shepherds Hill Recreation Park
  • Cleland Conservation Park
  • O’Halloran Hill Recreation Park

On shared use trails, walkers, runners, hikers, bike riders and horse riders may all find themselves together, using the same space. Trail signs denote those that are single use or single direction. Users are encouraged to be respectful and give way to other trail users.


With an ever expanding network of shared use trails throughout our state parks, there has never been a better time to grab the bikes and experience the beauty of our natural environment with family and friends.

It’s also important to remember that we share these special places with other trail users including walkers, runners and horses. Bike SA supports the “I Share My Trail” message and encourages our members to ‘share their trail’ as well. Thus, I share MY trail.

Bike SA CEO Christian Haag